Walk For The Waiting 2018


How it started
Walk for the Waiting is the joint effort of three Arkansas ministries focused on caring for children and families connected to the foster care system. The CALL, Project Zero, and Immerse Arkansas are pooling their efforts to collectively invite the Church to meet the needs of these children through prayer, funding, and families.

In our inaugural year, we witnessed God’s power in many ways. Our first fundraising “stretch” goal was $80,000. That was quickly surpassed and in the end, over $250,000 was raised. Over 800 walkers and nearly 70 churches turned out to show their support. When all was said and done, only God could be praised.

“The right family for every waiting child.”

We envision a future for every waiting child beyond their current circumstances or past abuse, believing each child’s potential can best be realized in a loving Christian family.

We are working toward a day when there are NO WAITING CHILDREN in Arkansas.

Our prayer instead is for families waiting to foster and adopt. Because of God’s mighty movement in the Church, when a child enters the system, families will be lined up to take the child in.

Funding Goal

Through this year’s Walk, we are asking and praying for $250,000. This goal combines the collective need of The CALL, Immerse Arkansas and Project Zero to continue and expand support to children to children waiting for families in Arkansas.

Call to Action
To make “NO WAITING CHILDREN” a reality requires a significant investment of resources. The financial cost to the Church to lead in providing a solution cannot be minimized. Please consider a becoming a sponsored walker or a sacrificial investment into the lives of these modern day orphans and help us lay a foundation for impactful service to these children.

For more information go to: https://www.walkforthewaiting.org/  


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