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The view from above is stunning! Aviators know that the world is full of excitement and opportunities to learn and enjoy the Creation. The Academy equips cadets to explore new subjects and challenges them to build the skills necessary to master lifelong learning. A graduating cadet should be eager to soar, unafraid of new frontiers and ready to reach new destinations.

Help a child earn their wings.

Aviators Academy aspires to help children master the art of learning and build the characteristics of self-starters. Our program is simple: We expose children to knowledge, have fun with facts, get creative with the possibilities and coach them in the presentation of their ideas. Our mission is to nurture the natural curiosity of children and harness it to productive expressions. Our vision is to fill 72204 with children and families that are engaged with their community knowledge resources. Our hope is for the growth, inside partner families, of a rich learning tradition that will transcend the current generation.

How can you partner with the Academy?

Neighboring and teaching:

Adults are needed to learn alongside our children. You must be able to assist instructors, smile at onlookers and discover cool stuff about the things we are exploring. You have to be brave enough to share your thoughts and ideas. This is a role for people who know that it is best to not know it all.

We need adults with a specific skill or knowledge, who are passionate about their subject and its study, but unafraid of children and novices. Service can be one time, periodic or ongoing. Quirky or Geeky, either is a plus, but Cool is outstanding.

We need physical resources with which to build, although storage space is cramped. Got a storage unit we can borrow?

We would like to fund some specific programs. If you are interested in learning more, please let us know.


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