Vine & Village's Community Transformation Model:

Vine & VIllage was spawned from the incredible community work being done via Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas. At both Mosaic Church and Vine & Village, we believe that to truly transform a community three critical components must be in place. 



First, community transformation must include spiritual renewal. Debilitating issues that thwart true community transformation, like racism, for example, can only be overcome by a permanent change in the hearts of citizens. This "changing of the heart" is accomplished best through the spiritual aspect of one's life. As shown above, Mosaic Church is one example of a spiritual oasis in the University District...a church for all people...that specializes in "heart changes".




Second, we believe that economic renewal must be present in a true community transformation. Thriving schools, parks, retail establishments and businesses are all a part of a healthy community. These institutions provide education, employment, tax revenue, safe places to play and work, and needed goods and services for the people in the community. Mosaic Church and Vine & Village have played a big part in the renewal of the University District by moving into the former Wal-Mart store on Colonel Glenn Avenue several years ago. By resurrecting that "forgotten" building, Mosaic has since drawn other businesses to this strip mall that was dark, unsafe, and not producing jobs or tax revenue. Our commitment to economic development will continue as we move our location, this time as owners instead of renters, to the former K-Mart store at the corner of University and Asher/ Colonel Glenn. This beautiful new building will be a community center (including a park and a playground) that will also house Mosaic Church and the Vine & Village offices. Along with the great work being done by UALR and other business owners, Mosaic and Vine & Village will continue to significantly impact the economic renewal of the Univeristy District.



Finally, there must be a significant social impact to fuel true community transformation. This is the area in which Vine & Village specializes. Through our coordinated efforts / programs, Vine & Village is focused on meeting the spiritual, social and material needs for our community members in the University District.  As seen on this website, our programs improve the lives of babies, small children, teens, parents and the elderly. Vine & Village, along with our key partners, serves as a "beacon of light" to those that are in need in the University District (and beyond)...for this is our home, our neighborhood too, and we're proud to be serving here.





Executive Director: 

Jon Harrison |


Board of Directors:

Andy Halfhill

Cesar Ortega

Jon Harrison

Jim Miles

Angela Brenton (UALR)

Woodson Walker


Program Leaders:

The Orchard:  Cesar Ortega

Immerse Arkansas: Eric Gilmore

Teen MOPS:  Tricia Goyer

EAIS:  Steve Sanford

Little Rock Pride:  Rick Cain

Vine & Village Guiding Principles



Relocation: Living Among the People

We must BE the community, not just "reach out" to the community.


Leadership Development:

We must develop local community leaders to support the community in the future.


Listening to the Community:

We must listen to the people in this community to understand their real needs, not just assume we know.


Holistic Approach:

We must leverage the impact of multiple Vine & Village programs and other community partners to best meet the spiritual, social and material needs across the community.



We must focus on developing self-reliant individuals and families in this community, who are empowered to succeed on their own.